Long, luscious lashes add beauty and confidence and a sense of sensuality. Every woman wants to feel beautiful and confident. Now you can in a fraction of the time. Because bosses don’t have time to waste.

With OpulenceMD Beauty lashes you will:

  • Look and feel your best
  • Feel in control like the boss you are
  • Feel powerful and boardroom-ready in minutes

And you will achieve all of this in a fraction of the time and price you currently spend on mascara and glue on lashes.

Marketplace Options


  • Bleed (raccoon eyes at end of the day)
  • Irritates sensitive eyes or CL wearers
  • Takes time to apply multiple coats
  • Recurring expense
  • Unsanitary because not changed at appropriate intervals
Individual Lashes:
  • Look natural
  • Low daily maintenance 
  • Expensive
  • Recurring time-consuming appointments
  • Must use glue/chemicals in the delicate eye area
  • Cannot clean your eyelids
  • Stunts growth of natural lashes
Glue on Strips/Tufts
  • Difficult to apply/time-consuming 
  • Must be reapplied daily or several times per week
  • They lift
  • Cannot clean your eyelids
  • Damage to natural lashes with repeated use
Our Solution: Magnetic Lashes
  • Quick
  • Easy