How To Apply:

  1. Start with clean eye lids
  2. Apply at least 2 coats of gel or liquid liner to lids as close as possible to the base of the eyelashes
  3. Apply lash to liner immediately once it appears dry
  4. Do not adjust the position of the lash more than once without applying more liner

How To Remove:

  1. Gently grasp the edge of the eyelash from the outer corner of the eye
  2. Use a gentle pulling motion to separate lash from liner and skin

How To Clean and Store:

  1. Gently remove liner still adhered to magnets by scratching off with your fingernail then soaking a Q-Tip with SanitEyes lid sanitizer and rubbing over each magnet
  2. Use the SanitEyes to clean the liner and other eye makeup off your eyelids 
  3. Store your lashes in their case for next use

If Your Lashes Are Not Sticking Check The Following:

  1. Do you have at least 2 coats of liner on?
  2. Have you cleaned the old liner off of each magnet?
  3. Have you repositioned the lashes more than once since applying your liner?
  4. Are you in a very humid environment?
  5. Do you have very oily eyelids?
  6. Have you tried an anchor extension?