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Are these lashes safe for my natural lashes? Yes! Magnetic lashes adhere only to the magnetic liner without damaging the natural lashes or the delicate eyelid skin.

Do I use glue to put on these lashes? There is no glue used to keep these lashes in place. They are secured by the attraction between the tiny magnets on the lash and the magnetic liner.

Is it safe to use magnets that close to my eyes? The magnets used fitted with tiny magnets of average strength, which pose no safety concern.

I have heard that magnets are not safe near MRI machines. What happens if I need an MRI? If you are scheduled for an MRI study, you should not wear your lashes. If you work around an MRI machine, you should not wear your lashes.
* If you have a cardiac pacemaker, consult with your doctor before using this product.

I am allergic to lots of different things. Are there any ingredients that I should worry about in your lashes or liner? OpulenceMD Beauty lashes and liner are paraben-free and latex-free.

Will magnetic lashes cause my lashes to thin or fall out? This is one of the most common issues with lash extensions. Eventually, over time, the weight of individual lash extensions on your natural lash or repeated use of glue will stress your lashes and cause them to thin or fall out. This can cause unsightly gaps or bald spots in your natural lashes. This damage can sometimes be permanent and the lashes are unable to grow back. With magnetic lashes, the magnetic liner goes onto the eyelid skin, not the lashes and the lash is held in place by the magnetic attraction to the liner. This involves no excess weight or stress on the natural eyelashes and, therefore, no lash loss.

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What are the ingredients of the magnetic liner and is it toxic to your eyes? This was my primary question when magnetic lashes came to market. Wearing my medical doctor hat, I know that metals inside the eye are a big no-no and metallic foreign bodies on the surface of the eye must be removed. The magnetic eyeliner I created to use with the OpulenceMD Beauty magnetic lash system is comprised of tiny, microscopic iron oxides particles mixed with pigment. Iron oxides can be found in a variety of makeup and skincare products, such as eye shadows and traditional eyeliners, and are regulated by the FDA. Trace amounts of iron oxide are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used as a color enhancer and are fine for use in the eye area. The iron oxide in the OpulenceMD Beauty magnetic liner is synthetic, so it doesn’t have ferrous or ferric oxides. Staining is not a worry, just make sure to use OpulenceMD Beauty SanitEYEs to thoroughly remove your liner, your eyeshadow, and any other eye makeup daily. Now, take a deep breath and enjoy your lashes! Doctor’s orders.

I am allergic to lots of different things. Are there any ingredients that I should worry about in your lashes or liner? OpulenceMD Beauty lashes and liner are paraben-free and latex-free.

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Who are these lashes best for? These lashes can be used for everyday wear or special occasions. The ease with which they are applied makes them a good choice any time you want to add some glamour or confidence to your look..

What if I run out of the magnetic liner? A: That is an easy one! Just visit our site. The liner can be purchased independently of the lashes for only $35.

I can't seem to get my lashes to stick. What should I do? A: Check out our directions and instructional videos. If you are still having issues, send us an email to

Why do these lashes have only 3 magnets? OpulenceMD Beauty lashes are the only magnetic lashes developed by an ophthalmologist and who knows your eyes better than an eye doctor and surgeon? One of the main complaints with other lashes is the weight of the lash. Additional magnets give added security, but also add more weight. Much like a stye on the eyelid can distort your vision due to added weight and pressure on the eyeball, this can happen with the addition of more magnets to the strip. If you want or need added hold, a pair of our stabilizers can be purchased for only $9.95 and we will get them right out to you! At OpulenceMD Beauty, the safety of your eyes and vision is always our primary concern!

These lashes are not cheap! How long can I expect them to last? At OpulenceMD Beauty, we believe that our lashes are of the highest quality and are an investment. With proper care and maintenance, you will get at least 45 wears out of your lashes. Consider that cheaper glue lashes typically only offer 2-5 Wears, which adds up to be significantly more if you are a lash maven.

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Do I need to wash my lashes after wearing them? Your lashes will not need to be washed after use. Simply spritz them with SanitEyes and allow to air dry before placing them back into their case, ready for your next adventure!

Can I swim and shower in these lashes? Unlike the individual lashes adhered to each of your natural lashes with glue, OpulenceMD Beauty lashes are not waterproof and will not withstand being exposed to water. Please refrain from wearing your lashes in the pool or shower.

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